Thursday, September 30, 2004


With the first debate tonight, the presidential race is front and center. The issue that has our attention is Iraq. Unfortunately, most of what we read and hear about Iraq provides more heat than light on the subject. Below, I have listed some simple and known facts about Iraq. I have put them together to point out that despite the fact that most of these are propoganda points for either the right or the left, each one is true:

  • Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator, in the mold of Hitler and Stalin. He was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands and the tourture of millions.
  • It is clearly a conflict of interests for Vice President Cheney to continue to draw compensation from Haliburton, while that company is chosen as the primary U.S. contractor in Iraq.
  • "Multilateralism" is not a panecea. Multilateral negotiations allowed for the slaugher in Bosnia to go on multiple years, U.S. lead NATO Bombing caused it to stop. France acted Unilaterally in Rwanda to protect their allies, the Hutu, after the Hutu commited genocide against the Tutsi. It would thus stand to reason that the French outcry against American unilaterallism in Iraq is due to Frances perception of it's own interests as a nation state, not, universal brotherhood.
  • The Iraq occupation was poorly planned and implemented.
  • The old reasoning was: "The sanctions are starving innocent Iraqi Children", the new logic is :"We should have waited longer before going to war". Had we not gone to war, and had lifted sanctions, the eventual logic, of course would have been: "Why didn't we do something about this vicious and threatening regime sooner?"
To be continued...I have to see the debate


Blogger Middle East, PHD said...

First, let me say that this sounds like the beginning of an excellent BLOG site. One of the so-called "true" statements below needs to be addressed, however. The comment that "The Iraq occupation was poorly planned and implemented", is highly subjective, speculative, and outright unfair. This is an extremely difficult task and, quite frankly, even if we had the "DREAM TEAM" of leadership and planning, we'd still be in a situation where chaos and killing exists. We need to wake up and realize that war is ugly, difficult, and terribly unpredictable. Just look at the Israelis and their efforts to contain a much smaller population in a much smaller geographical region. With all the Israeli's expertise, experience, intellegence, etc., they too are struggling with their "exit strategy". The bottom line is that as long as remnants of Saddam's Henchmen are still around, and as long as Syria and Iran continue to flood this country with suicidal maniacs, it will be a very difficult situation to contain. However, let's pray that the world (e.g., France, Germany, Spain, Russia, etc.) wakes up soon and realizes that they need to help in this effort; otherwise, the future of the world is at stake. Let's not forget that we dropped the Bomb on Japan and wiped out enormous numbers of people. It was very ugly and cruel, but it succeeded in finally stopping the war. America should be commended for making an effort to win the peace in the most humane fashion. However, if those Iraqi communities supporting and protecting the terrorists don't stop their ways, I suggest we drop bombs on each one until they understand that their mission is futile.

October 1, 2004 at 6:03 AM  

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